PHOENIX, July 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The parody mashup of the summer is here, and it brings together one of the biggest stars and biggest songs of the 90s. In an homage to the decade that brought us some of the best fashion, music, and memories, Vanilla Ice plays on Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”, giving it the Bar-S treatment.

Watch Vanilla Ice put a sizzling new Bar-S spin on a ’90s hip hop classic in “Baby Got Buns”, the official Iconic Summer Mashup music video! There’s grilling. There’s chilling. There’s a giant hot dog. And one thing’s for certain—the ’90s were a truly iconic time to be alive. #WordToYourMustard

“‘Baby Got Buns’ is Bar-S’s anthem of the summer, and it’s our way of owning the fun spirit of the grilling season.”

“Baby Got Buns” delivers a tribute to summer and backyard barbecues. The nearly 2-minute long music video is the centerpiece of Bar-S’s “Iconic Summer Mashup” activation and features everything you could ever want in a hot dog anthem — from a giant frank with all the fixins’ to neon graffiti and tie-dye-clad dancers — and nostalgia is all a part of the fun.

Ben Giroux, a Nickelodeon voice actor and TikTok celebrity who has earned millions of views for his previous 80s and 90s parody videos directed “Baby Got Buns”.

“The 90s were truly an iconic era,” says Giroux. “Combining one of the best known names and best known songs of the decade and serving it up in full 90s flavor was a dream come true for me. Setting it all to the backdrop of a backyard barbecue and hot-dog-fandom lyrics made for one of the best times I’ve ever had directing.”

This year, Bar-S launched their newest campaign, “Now That Sounds Good”, with an ear toward the crackle, sizzle, and moments that make up the delicious soundtrack of Bar-S Foods. “Iconic Summer Mashup” is the brand’s first iteration of this campaign, tipping a hat to outdoor barbecues, picnics, and all things grilling.

“‘Baby Got Buns’ is Bar-S’s anthem of the summer, and it’s our way of owning the fun spirit of the grilling season,” says Bar-S Foods Marketing Director Jeff Gaunt. “We hope our fans are singing along with this tune while they’re throwing Bar-S Franks on the barbecue.”

Learn more about “Now That Sounds Good” at Word to your mustard.