Writing Duo – Ben Giroux & Arnie Pantoja

A network executive recently referred to writing duo Ben Giroux & Arnie Pantoja as “a prolific idea factory”. With a portfolio of over 15 shows (including 5 pitch bibles and 3 pilot scripts), Giroux & Pantoja’s literary projects span a variety of comedic genres including irreverant adult single-camera comedies, mockumentaries, animated series, and family comedies. Giroux and Pantoja are represented by Buchwald and Untitled Entertainment.


Single-Camera Comedy

Two short buddies struggle for respect while working as child stand-ins on a colorful kids television sitcom, but their uphill pursuit for legitimacy only reveals their shortcomings. A 30-minute single camera comedy with multi-cam moments. Extras meets Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s like Nickelodeon… if someone shit in the slime.
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The Alphabet Boyz


Set in the early ‘90s, two awkward, aspiring musicians team up with a slimy, small-time music manager to form the world’s most influential boy band you’ve never heard of: The Alphabet Boyz. A fast-paced “Spinal Tap meets The Office” ‘90s mockumentary intercut with present-day pop star faux interviews, this 30-minute single-camera comedy chronicles a motley crew of questionable talent who miraculously fail their way to the top of music history.
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Meter Men

Single-Camera Adult Comedy

Two awkward buddies flunk out of the police academy and take up jobs as parking enforcement officers, but nothing can squash their dreams of becoming hero detectives as they secretly begin solving crimes throughout the city, parking tickets be damned. A series about vigilante meter maids that’s a 21 Jump Street buddy comedy with the grittiness of Daredevil.
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Sea Men

Teen Animated Series

An underwater coming of age story about an adolescent group of outcast sea-creatures led by a teenage mer-man, a hyperactive sea sponge, and a depressed clown fish. During their awkward high school experience, this rag-tag group of geeks with gills are constantly on the hunt for sex, money, popularity, and dank seaweed. If the Little Mermaid gave a handjob to Spongebob… you’d get Sea-Men. Literally.
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Single-Camera Family Comedy

Three childhood friends, now single and in their thirties, all wind up living back home with their parents in the suburban Tucson cul de sac they grew up in. Hina, a divorced Pakistani-American woman who’s overprotective muslim father wants her to remain at home until she marries again, Arnie, a happy-go-lucky underachiever who’s Mexican mother desperately wants him to move out and “get a job already, pinche flojo”, and Ben, a failed app developer who’s forced to move home to help his neurotic Jewish parents’ struggling comic book store stay afloat. As the old saying goes, “you can’t go home again”… unless you’re unmarried, unemployed, and unsuccessful like these struggling Gen X’ers. But now that they’re back, can they all become one, big happy, suburban neighborhood family? Spoiler alert: no freaking way.
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Why Was That a Thing!?

Unscripted Format Series

Fresh off the success of amassing 90 million views on their nostalgic, celebratory music video Back to the 90s, Billboard-charting comedy hip-hop duo Ben & Jensen set out to investigate the history of iconic pop culture topics in this nonfiction comedy format series. With the help of American Idol finalist Vonzell Solomon and a diverse team of improv actors, the fellas mine 80s, 90s, & 2000s nostalgia through Adam Ruins Everything-style comedic research and Mythbusters creativity — culminating in an epic Lonely Island-esque music video. Weekly origin stories about Tamagotchis, slap bracelets, and Garbage Pail Kids will answer the age-old question: Why Was That a Thing!?
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